Stay Informed with Our Glossary of Door & Window Terms

Glenmore Millwork is pleased to provide you with a glossary of common window and door terms listed below. We enjoy helping you stay informed as you prepare for your upcoming project. If you have questions or need more information, our friendly staff is here to serve you. Stop by and visit our Kelowna showroom or give us a call.


Molding or trim around window or door to cover the space between the window frame and wall.


Metal or vinyl material on outside faces of wood windows or doors for weather protection and low-maintenance surfaces.

Drip Cap

Outside horizontal molding to divert water from the top casing.

Extension Jamb

Used to increase depth of the window or door jambs to fit wall thickness.


The surround of a window or door panel.


Creates a divided window pane appearance.

Head Jamb

Horizontal top of the window or door frame.


Supporting beam above window or door opening (rough opening).


Vertical side of the window or door frame.

Jamb Depth

Width of the window frame from inside to outside.


Laminated Veneer Lumber - veneered lumber glued together to give added structural capabilities.


A vertical member used to structurally join two window or door units.

Rough Opening

A framed opening in which the unit will be installed.


Framework of stiles and rails in which the window glass is set.


Horizontal piece at the bottom of the window frame.

Simulated divided lights

Grille fixed to the inside and outside of glass to simulate the look of a true divided glass.


Vertical member of a window sash or door panel.


Small window located above a door or another window.

Weather Stripping

Resilient perimeter material of the sash and/or frame to minimize air infiltration.

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